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Choose between two versions, based on your needs and present understanding of investments.

What's more: The 60W version is FREE! The 100W version costs about the same as that as 15 minutes
with a financial adviser.

60W: the standard version

This version is for those who want to build a portfolio that suits their goals and is customised to their needs.

Simple and easy.

Get this if you want a customized solution quickly. Sign up now

Only $149/year    FREE!

100W: the advanced version

This version is for those who want to know more, see more and do more.

The Advanced version has pre-defined tasks, a huge array of features, analysis and insight tools, and the ability to customize almost anything.

Get this if you want a detailed understanding of investing. Sign up now

$249/year Only $49/year!



Important note: the 100W design and interface is different from the 60W service! And different from that shown on the "how to" video! Shocking, hey?

Why would we do this? While the engine driving the different services is the same, the additional functionality and features required in the 100W version is such that it has to look different. Trust us.

See, we also run a service called Floodlight Investing (get it?) for financial advisers and investment professionals. The 100W service is very similar in scope and design to the enterprise-level product and so uses this interface. Just so you know.


Why sign up for the 100W? It is powerful, flexible and rigorous.

  • build and save lots of your own porfolios, reports and projects.
  • use defined tasks (think of them as macros) to answer different questions.
  • advanced analysis tools:
    • advanced scenario analysis
    • decomposing the portfolio to show risk and return (what asset class is doing the heavy lifting? What simply brings along uncompensated risk?)
    • risk modelling (how does volatility evolve? How does correlation change?)
    • "look through" hedge funds. Think of it as an MRI for investing!
    • assumption meltdown: test the validity of your assumptions... Very powerful.
  • a portfolio optimisation function.
  • cusomize things:
    • change capital market assumptions
    • build your own investing palettes
    • develop your own "what if?" scenarios

Remember, through neither version can you actually buy investment products or funds. Spotlight is a portfolio and investment construction service, not a trading platform. Find out more here and here.


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