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Spotlight comes in two different versions - 60W and 100W.

60W: the standard version

This version is for those who want to build a portfolio that suits their goals and is customised to their needs.

Simple and easy. But still good. Get this if you want a customized solution quickly.

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100W: the advanced version

This version is for those who want to know more, see more and do more.

The Advanced version has pre-defined tasks, a huge array of features, analysis and insight tools, and the ability to customize almost anything.

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How am I guided through the dark world of greed, fear and markets?

 We’re guessing you’re here because you want to invest but are unsure what to invest in, or what you need to do to retire, or what the chances of buying a yacht in 10 years might be. But the world of investing, especially now, is often rather too murky for most people...

We’ve built Spotlight to change that.

Spotlight is equal parts research platform, investment education tool and behavioural finance guide. The service is designed to bring comfort and awareness to investors in an otherwise turbulent environment.


While learning about the investing environment, we’ve found people need to adjust their portfolios (what it’s made of) and adjust their expectations (what they want).

Both are critical parts of the process and can be done throughout in the service interface.

Spotlight is designed to emerse you in the world of investing - play around with your portfolio, click the "read more" links for in-depth concepts and navigate to different areas in the service to understand how things interrelate.


While we encourage you to adjust your portolio and expectations, we also want to show how other investment strategies might perform, especially compared with your own portfolio...


Using benchmark portfolios is important to get a better feel for how your portfolio compares with others.

There are always going to be bad times. How exposed to these you have to be is up to you. Seeing how a range of portfolios performs (in the grey summary bar and the graph) helps provide some perspective.



Upgrading power and features  When is the 100W Advanced version appropriate?

 The two versions of the service are designed to appeal to people with slightly different needs.

While both versions are based on the same platform, they differ slightly in how you work with it and what you can do.

The advanced version allows you to:

  • build and save lots of your own porfolios, reports and projects
  • use defined tasks (think of them as macros) to answer different investing questions
  • do advanced analysis, like decomposing allocations by risk and return, "looking through" portfolios, testing performance under all assumptions, building your own scenario and "what if?" analysis, and lots more...
  • automatically optimizing asset allocations
  • cusomize how the service works and for your investment views, like changing your capital market assumptions
  • run and save reports of your analysis and findings.

The advanced version is best for investment professionals and students, finance experts, math geeks and those interested in being very thorough!


The 100W interface looks a little different. This is real engineered investing!

The interface allows much more flexibility and power at your fingertips but works off the same core engine.


The 100W service has concepts like a home page, which allows fast access to common tasks and previous analysis.

The home page enables you to focus on accomplishing different tasks, retrieving previous reports and analyse saved portfolios through the home screen.

You can also jump to where you left off.


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