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Why Spotlight?


Spotlight is like a GPS for investing 

Have you ever wanted to invest but not known how? Want to build your own investment portfolio but don't know where to start? Whether it’s for retirement, your kids’ college fund or buying your first house, you probably know you need to invest but aren’t clear exactly how to go about doing this.

How do you know how much you should be investing and into what products? How much will be enough? And what you could reasonably expect to get out? Investing wisely is among the most important things you’ll ever do. What you need is an investment concierge service.

Spotlight makes investing simple and easy.

Starting with information on your current situation and your objectives, including your time-horizon, tolerance for risk and financial goals, Spotlight guides you through a simple step-by-step process to build your investment portfolio. The end result is a well-diversified, tailor-made portfolio that suits your unique needs.

We also believe that if you’re knowledgeable about investing, you’re more likely to realise long-term success, and feel more confidence and less stress along the way. That’s why we provide as much help and insight along the way as you’d like. And you can progress at your own rate, with the freedom to stop or go back at any time.

Spotlight helps you achieve your financial goals. Spotlight helps you invest better.


  How does Spotlight work?

Spotlight is based on 3 deceptively simple principles:

      1. Our investing philosophy maximizes long-term gains by diversifying risk.

 We believe that the most valuable and efficient approach to building a portfolio is through asset allocation: determining the mix of asset classes that will position you best for investing success.

Our approach is based on eliminating unnecessary risk by thoughtfully investing across a range of investment types. Not on trying to feverishly buy and sell funds or individual securities in a fruitless attempt to beat the markets.

      2. We have a rational approach to investing, focusing on long-term success and minimising costs.

While the short-term investing experience is always surprising, the long-term experience is very predictable. Time is among the most powerful factors in achieving investing success.

A portfolio constructed with a realistic, long-term perspective and clearly-defined objectives is the foundation for investing success over time and through market cycles.

      3. More important than beating the market is meeting your needs.

Much of the market is concerned with “beating the average” and “delivering superior returns”.

Don’t misunderstand us – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get the most from your investment.

But one shouldn’t strive so far for superior returns that the investment is so risky it jeopardises meeting your goals (imagine your kids not getting to college), or causing you to react detrimentally (pulling out of the investment just before it turns).

Investing should deliver the highest returns balanced for the risk you can handle. It needs to fit.

Spotlight is a financial modelling tool + investment portfolio builder for real people.

What's the goal of investing?

We think it is delivering long term returns to you in a way that meets your expectations and your needs.

Both those are equally important:

  • a portfolio too risky for you can severely deplete your capital or cause you to behave irrationally and pull out just as the market turns.
  • something too stable may not make best use of your money or not allow you to meet your goals.
Build an investment portfolio that is customized for you. (Really)

Don’t financial planners do this for me? ...Isn’t this what a mutual fund does?

There is good reason to point out and complain about the costs of various products in the market, the lack of real investment insight from most planners, the poor performance of many products, the downsides to investing in what institutions want you to invest as opposed to where you should be investing.

There are some very good financial planners - but most cost more than $200/hour. An annual subscription to Spotlight advanced costs the same as 15 minutes with an adviser! The basic version is FREE!

Also, remember that Spotlight sells nothing but knowledge, expertise, and a mission to help you construct the portfolio that is best suited to helping you achieve your financial goals.  We have no hidden agendas, and our only revenue is from users' subscription fees - never from investment recommendations.

The best reason to invest for yourself is that nobody cares as much about your future as you do. Ultimately, it is up to you to take control and plan for your future wealth.

It’s your money. It’s your future. It’s up to you to take control. Learn more or try it free here.


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