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How it works

Spotlight makes investing easy

The process in 4 steps:

  1. Build an asset allocation - the building blocks of a portfolio - that reflects your goals and risk tolerance.
  2. Analyse the portfolio's performance and behaviour, both as it would have performed in the past and what it is expected to do, and adjust it to suit your needs.
  3. Understand how time and making withdrawals impacts performance.
  4. Get a list of funds to invest in the market.

Simple to use and easy to understand:

  • We walk you through the process, pointing out what you should be thinking about at each step and unlocking investing insights.
  • Navigation is easy - follow the pre-built template or go freestyle!

Spotlight doesn't sell anything besides knowledge. We just reflect the world as it is.

1 We help you understand your needs, tolerances and goals

What do you want to achieve with your investment?

Define the goals and what you want from your investment – setup investment parameters like how much you can invest, the duration you will invest it for and what you hope to get out.

2 Adjust the portfolio as you gain insight into its performance
1 The graph highlights the behaviour so you know what to expect under market conditions
2 A summary and comparison of performance is highlighted
3 Insight text at each stage makes the learning and understanding clear
4 Make adjustments to your portfolio from the learning at each step and see the changes immediately
3 Make the portfolio "investable" by finding funds in the market
1 Making your investment portfolio "real" is easy. Your portfolio is mapped to a range of funds available on the market.
2 You can even choose to invest according to different approaches, such as active managed funds or low cost index and EFT funds, by applying different "investment templates".
3 You can't buy shares with Spotlight! But details about the funds that make up your portfolio can be exported and taken to your broker to be invested.

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