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Spotlight is like a GPS for investing

Spotlight is a service that grows your money by helping you build an investment portfolio. It helps build a portfolio exactly right for your needs. It builds the best possible portfolio for you!

It is NOT a magic black box. It's a service that walks you through the key steps to investing successfully and helps figure out what you need to do. You still invest your own money at your own brokerage, we just show you what to buy.

Who uses it?

Spotlight is for people who want to grow their wealth. What's that? You want to grow your wealth? THEN IT'S FOR YOU!

It is simple enough for those just starting out, but under the hood is an engine sufficiently powerful that professional advisers and investment professionals also use it.

Turning $ into $$$, and doing it sustainably

Spotlight brings all you need to know about investing in one place. Think of it as a GPS for investing. Or a really, really good investment concierge service.

No more expensive financial advisers, "hot tips" around the barbeque, half-baked Roth IRA vs 401(k) debates with colleagues.

You know that feeling you have when the market dives and you're scared to check because your portfolio is supposedly paying for the kids' college? Or why you vaguely know you should be investing but haven't actually started yet?

You're probably like most in that you don't have the knowledge or the confidence. Spotlight can help with both.

We want to make it personal 

Personal investing has long been about stocks and funds, when really it should be about building a portfolio best designed to fit your overall investment needs. Investing is not simple or easy, but we’re trying to make it as accessible and engaging as possible.

Our mission

We built Spotlight to help you:

  • take charge of your own financial future
  • understand the true nature of your investments
  • and invest wisely. 

Who are we?

We are a small team of investment professionals-turned-entrepreneurs. In our past lives we worked for large global investment & private banks and communications technology companies.
We're based in London, and are a registered business in the UK (Company Number 06988661).


Successful investing = right approach + emotional awareness

Successful investing is about setting realistic goals, developing a plan that you are comfortable with, and sticking to that plan. Doing this requires the combination of knowledge about investing, following the right methodologies and an understanding of how your portfolio might behave.

Spotlight helps you develop a customized and cost-effective portfolio to meet your needs. A strategic asset allocation, properly balancing your tolerance for risk, need for returns, timeline and feelings about investing is the best way to do that.

Shouldn’t this be done by a professional?

The tools and technology available today enable the best investment practices and principles to be within your reach.

Spotlight's process walks you through the best approaches to and knowledge about investing, while informing you about the environment so that you can make the appropriate adjustments to your portfolio.

It's both simple and solid.

It’s your money, so you decide.

Spotlight allows you to take responsibility for your financial future and to make decisions for yourself. After all, nobody cares more about your money than you do.

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